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Our logo . . .
As created by graphic designer, Kamele Eskaran, the overall composition of this design is a lehua blossom created by the pages of an open book, which symbolizes education and knowledge. An open book shows the actions of giving/receiving education and expanding one’s knowledge. Nā keiki o Hawai’i are the flowers who require nurturing to blossom and grow, and the lehua blossom in particular was chosen to represent them. When the pages of a book is fanned open, it creates a silhouette that’s nearly identical to that of a lehua blossom. A lehua blossom is made up of many clusters of stamen, just as a book is composed of many clusters of pages. Concurrently, Ka Hui Heluhelu State Council’s new role is that of an organization whose clusters of educators who are brought together to reach a common goal both in the community as well as contributing to the larger goals of the International Reading Association.

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