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Our Vision

The Ka Hui Heluhelu State Council supports educators in the State of Hawai'i, by providing professional development and networking opportunities that enhance the quality of literacy.

Our Mission

The Ka Hui Heluhelu State Council, an organization of educators, promotes and supports the advancement of quality literacy instruction and life-long learning while building communities of learners.

Upcoming Events

The Language Arts Classroom as a Social Emotional Learning Space with Cornelius Minor

September 28, 2019

8:00-1:00 pm

Venue on Oahu TBA

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Fall 2019 Event

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Cornelius Minor

September 28, 2019


Venue:  Salt Lake Elementary School

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Presentation link will be made available on Saturday.



Christine Mabuni
Jodie Kelekolio
Vice Chair
Jody Kawamata-Chang
Dana Tanigawa
Carole Kono
State Coordinator
Jacquelyn Chappel
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Ka Hui Heluhelu (“the reading circle”) began in 1956 by a group of remedial reading teachers who met to improve learning and literacy in Hawai‘i. Led by well-known educators such as Richard Alm, Thelma Bolling, Betty Uehara, June Shimoda, Arthur Kaneshiro, Yvonne Toma, and Kenneth Yamamoto, Ka Hui has broadened its focus from remedial reading to reading and literacy in general. Our definition of literacy embraces, not only language acquisition, but also multimodal, digital, and cultural literacies from infancy to adulthood.


Through conferences and workshops, Ka Hui Heluhelu strives to improve literacy in Hawai‘i by promoting the enjoyment of language and encouraging dialogue about language and learning. Our mission is to increase understanding and cooperation among and between educators and with professional and community groups in the larger community. 


Ka Hui Heluhelu--the Hawai‘i Literacy Association, is the Hawai‘i chapter of the International Literacy Association.



Ka Hui Heluhelu

PO Box 1082

Aiea, HI  96701



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